Ivy Lane Pediatrics Inservices




To keep our nurses updated on the latest information and trends in the home health industry, Ivy Lane Pediatrics offers quarterly in-services.  We cover topics such as skill checks, home health updates, new techniques, proper documentation, employee safety and guidelines, and much more. 

Over the years, Ivy Lane has had the privilege of learning from Chris Hartling, Respiratory Care Supervisor at Primary Children's Hospital.  Chris has presented in-services on Trach/Ventilator Cares, the High Flow Nasal Cannula, the Trilogy Vent, and Communication Between Home Health Agency and PCMC. These are excellent opportunities for our nurses to be able to take information given by the best in the field and go out and apply it to our patients.


Upon hire, our nurses complete a Trach and Ventilator Certification Course.  This course focuses on 4 critical areas:

  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Ventilator Care
  • G-tube & enteral feeding
  • Computer Charting & Family Communication

Other topics discussed in past in-services include Pediatric G-tube Emergencies, CPT, Medication Errors, Employee & Patient Safety, and Communication in Home Health.

Recently, a visitor from GBS Benefits, discussed the ins-and-outs of sexual harassment as it pertains to home health. It is important that our employees have a good understanding of HR law to protect themselves and our patients and their families.

Upcoming in-services will include, Team Building, Behavioral Management, and Ventilator Circuit Replacement.